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An Automated System that allows you to design the Control Logic of your program solution with the use of flowcharts. LogicCoder uses your logic design and language command statements to create a source program. You no longer need to write programs with the use of control statements such as if, then, if-else, for, for-next, while, do-while, goto, switch and so on. LogicCoder helps you to design and code logically sound programs with little or no syntax or semantic error by automating this process. LogicCoder helps you to learn the essentials of programming languages very quickly.

LogicCoder is a GUI system that introduces a new systems development and programming paradigm. It helps you to develop software systems where the focus is on correctness of design, documentation, accuracy and quality of program source code. Source code writing is automated so that there are less chances of committing syntax and semantics errors. LogicCoder provides the developer with a single document interface for Design, Documentation, Code writing, and Code Maintenance of a software system.

LogicCoder supports a structured and systematic approach to the development of computer programs. Nonessential characteristics of text-base programming systems are abstracted away from the programmer so that mental energy can be more focused on essential program virtues in these paradigms. In fact, LogicCoder is a device that shifts these paradigms by virtue of its simplicity and generality. Click the following link to get information about computer programming and program flowcharts. We are now developing a database that will document a wide range of existing software systems components visually with their maintenance and portability integrated into one single document interface system. You may think that LogicCoder is Magic if you do not have enough of the virtues of Logic! You will not find theoretical explanation of the underlying technology for LogicCoder or LogicExtractor documented in academic text books, journals or other kinds of publications. If you search the patent offices, you will also not find much information for good reasons!!



In a visual programming system, you represent the solution to a program problem through a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI allows a visual representation of the flow of control logic that makes up the solution to the program problem. A visual system allows you to use the parallel sections of your brain more effectively to derive a logical solution to a problem. A visual system base on the sequential interpretation of strings restricts your capacity to observe larger amount of information in one go and then interpret them logically as a whole. They also restrict your capacity to be creative in the implementation of parallel systems to the solution of certain problems that requires the implementation of "logic flow". I have coined this new term here because I am going to develop a discussion around this point later. This is not a discussion on Artificial Intelligence!! Therefore, we can realise the prognosis for the traditional text base systems development methodologies.

Learn about the use of flowchart design for program writing.
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