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Things that LogicCoder can do

Gives you template control logic from which you can quickly build your own logic solutions. Enhances the reusability of your logic design.

Generates multiple Language Source Code from a single control logic design. Allows you to develop concise and efficient programs.

Integrate and simplify the phases in the program Development cycle
A single document interface for Program Design, Coding, Maintenance and Documentation.

Allow you to view the development of a software system in terms of its control logic instead of a source language.

Allows you to view a programming language in terms of its methods, command statements, function calls or procedure calls as opposed to its syntax and semantics.

Logic Coder assumes a one-to-one correspondence between description of an action in an algorithm and the actual command statement in the source language. Hence, the implementation logic is explicitly illustrated by the logic design.

Allows you to modularize a complex software system and to abstract.

Puts an end to the controversy over the use of goto statements and prevents potential controversy over the use of other control statements such as if, if-then, if-then-else, while, do-while, for-next, switch, case, select and so on from occurring!

You spend more quality time to design your program logic and less time coding, debugging and testing the solution.

You can have multiple source language implementation of an algorithm. You can easily port your logic design to other programming languages.

You need not pay any attention to the logic of your program within the paradigm of a specific source language.

ABSTRACTION OF LARGE AND COMPLEX LOGIC; You can easily insert or abstract detailed control structures in a flowchart! You abstract a complex logic system to a single function or file name. You can have a detailed complex view of a system as well as a simple abstract view. Abstraction and expansion of detailed logic structures is made easy. Provides standard algorithmic templates and sample code that you can easily edit to implement your own requirement.




LogicCoder uses ISO standard flowcharting symbols and well-established principles for the design of program control structures.

LogicCoder assumes a one-to-one correspondence between the description of events given in a flowchart and the command statements in the source language that implement these events. The algorithm description in a flowchart can be implemented in any natural language.

LogicCoder allows you to have more than one source code file for a given algorithm. This allows multiple implementation in a source language as well as multiple source language implementation of an algorithm. A versatile generic system!

LogicCoder is a high productivity tool that helps an individual to focus more on their logic design skills and less on the knowledge required for using a programming language. It obviates the need for focusing ones energy on the syntax and semantics of a programming language.

It presents a design platform that is self-documenting in its implementation.

LogicCoder complements the principles of sound program logic design and evaluation. The example flowcharts and tutorial provided with the system gives an easy introductory platform from which to learn sound programming principles and program problem solution techniques in several programming languages.

LogicCoder Capabilities with samples

Flowchart layout aid and features

Draw large flowchart on a single sheet document display to ensure complete view of all logic details in a large program source code file

Ability to select section of a complex logic control and then abstract the selection to a single predefine symbol

The capacity to expand the details of an abstracted structure so that the original details of the control logic can be seen.

The capacity to easily replace sections of an existing control logic with alternative controls by drag and drop or by simply file renaming

The capacity to quickly port the design implementation of a system from one implementation language to another with little attention to logic detail.


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