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Ensure that you read the installation instruction before any attempt to run the setup program. Some functions in this version of LogicCoder are disabled. A tutorial manual (in PDF format) is available with the download. It is recomended that you start with the instructions in this tutorial. A copy of the Technical reference manual is bundled with the download. An installation, is e-mailed to you when you fill and send the above form. We will then send you an e-mail with the required download link and additional information.

Once you have downloaded the required file, unzip its content. The content includes a setup program. First, read the user instruction to get setup information. You then run the setup program on your system to install LogicCoder for ANSI C++ and BASIC along with a sample copy of the BASIC interpreter and a C compiler. This version of LogicCoder do flowcharts with no more than 77 symbols for a given document. It will not generate programs from logic design that has the Select-Case or the Do-While structures.

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