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You can start to learn good programming concepts and techniques if you are thinking of becoming an expert programmer by using our tutorial materials. The set of related teaching resources on offer along with a free tutorial version of LogicCoder are listed in the table below.

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Structured Programming With BASIC
Vol. 1 (Teaching Manual)

An introduction to the principles of Structured Programming using flowcharts as a design tool for program algorithms. A practical example program problem is presented in each chapter.

ISBN 0-9544270-1-7

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Structured Programming With BASIC
Vol. 2 (Exercise Manual)
Companion exercise manual to the above Teaching Manual. Step-by-step practical solutions to programming problems that gets progressively more difficult. Most problem solutions are easily implemented with LogicCoder. Should only use this with the Teaching Manual.

ISBN 0-9544270-2-5

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Structured Programming With ANSI C A teaching manual in which the emphasis is on Programming language concepts, Data structures, Data types and Languages and their Translation. Practical program problems and their solutions in ANSI C are presented.

ISBN 0-9544270-0-9

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Object Oriented Programming With ANSI C++ A comprehensive review of Object Oriented programming concepts as implemented in ANSI C++ with practical illustrations in commercial systems such as the Borland Turbo C++ and the Ms Visual C++ IDEs. Problems are used to illustrate the benefits of the OO approach as compare to the old Control Oriented approach without prejudice.

ISBN 0-9544270-3-3

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