The best In-place Optimum Stable Sort Algorithm


I have batch a set of PDF files on sorting methods I did during my research programme. I have not included information on all aspect of my research work, especially those parts I have not yet published but will be doing so soon. This include a full explanation of an optimum in-place merge-sort technique that is the best solution to the comparison base sorting problem. Please do check this web site at a future date to make purchase of book with technical detail. Click the following link to get a set of sample PDF copy of each paper. You can also see the abstract for each of these paper by clicking the following link. See Information about sorting.

The Ranking problem!

If you are interested in the sorting problem, then keep your eyes on these pages. I have been carrying a solution in my head for over 10 years now. This is the first place where I will be publishing an abstract. Basically, the algorithm is in-place, completely deterministic, does sorting with Nlog2(N)-O(N) comparisons and can be easily made stable with the same operational complexity on a uniprocessor system. The complexity can be reduce to O(log2(N)) on a multiprocessor system. Then I have some other interested ideas for reducing the number of data moves in an optimum sort algorithm to O(N). There is also a download file with a flowchart for LogicCoder that implements a algorithm for Kronrod's original in-place optimum merge algorithm. I will make these files available at a later date as a free download.

I should have this avalable within a few months as a publication (book) which I will make avilable through this web page. So please do not give up waiting!