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Merge-sort algorithm for parallel systems

Shuffle Merge

An O(nlg2(n)) unstable in-place merge-sort algorithm on a uni-processor system with high degree of parallelisation in its implementation. Actually, the algorithm merge by a process of iterative un-shuffling of a permutation. Unfortunately, some frustrated readers have misunderstood the operation of the algorithm to be that of odd-even transposition sort.

Sub-optimal algorithm that sort by shuffling.

Shift Merge

An in-place merge algorithm that merges two pre sorted lists by block rearrangement without the need for an internal buffer. The algorithm needs to be properly analyse to determine its asymptotic operational time complexity but experimenatal results is indicating an O(sqrt(n)log(n)) complexity on the number of comparisons for sorting .More detailed explanation of this analysis is given in the available publication mentioned at the end of this page.

Internal merge without the use of a buffer.


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I am preparing all these document so that they can be printed as a single book but I will not put my main network sorting ideas in this book until I have applied for a patent. I have been given enough wisdom to come to the realization as to how the system of commercial patent work in tandem with academia. This is a corrupt evil system base on deception and theft! I will make it available over the Internet.

Please be warned! Some readings are very involved and difficult to follow. In some case you have to be an expert in this area of research to follow or know what to look for or ignore but do not ignore godly wisdom.